5 Hairstyles You’ll Be Asking For In 2019

If you know you want a hair change, but are unsure what that looks like, we’ve got inspiration for you.

The following five hairstyles are starting to be this year’s biggest trends.

1. Half-Up Half-Down Styles

Contrasting flowing locks with some creativity up top, from a versatile top knot to a chic half-ponytail, can make a world of difference.

This elevated look involves giving some structure to the top of the head, in the form of a ponytail, bun, or even a strategic part to give the top a little more volume.

When you tease the heck out of your hair at your crown, the more volume at the top of your head will make an elegant contrast, with long flowing locks.

These looks are great because they give you a high fashion vibe without being too over the top. and there’s a ton of different style options, so you’ll never get bored.

The trick to nailing this look is making sure not to make your hair look too thin, by dividing it between the up and down sections.

2. The Chin-Length Bob

For this year, pros are pinpointing one hairstyle in particular as the cut to end all cuts: the chin-length bob. 2019 is the time embrace a short hairstyle because bobbed haircuts are officially here to stay.

Hairstylists are saying that there is a growing trend towards women going much shorter, adding fringes, and playing with more layers for an effortless boyish look.

The nature of the bob is that it is versatile, and comes in many shapes and forms. A chin-length bob can be worked into any hair texture.

The longer, blended fringe makes the bob look elegant and ethereal. Bob hairstyles will never go out of style and that’s pretty much a fact, so why don’t go full bob for 2019…

3. Cool-Girl Curly Hairstyles

In 2019, the forecast for curls is bolder than ever before. Whether you have tight ringlets or loose waves, they both have their place in trendy hairstyles for 2019.

That’s right, it’s time to step away from the straighteners, and instead try one of these oh-so pretty curly styles. Wearing your hair naturally, including wild curls, are big for this coming year.

Not to mention, curly bangs always add a pop of personality. It’s time to embrace your curls, no matter how wild.

4. Retro styles are back

Bring back the curtained bangs and the brushed-out curls, because 2019 is going back a few decades. It’s favoring more feminine retro styles and long hair long opens up the possibilities.

The 60’s fringe, paired with long layers and the bulky bangs have been slowly coming back in style for a little while. But the long flattering lengths are finally coming back in full force.

Beyond bouncy blowouts and teasing combs, this year it’s all about thicker, healthier-looking tresses.

Try using volume-boosting products to create over-sized styles such as voluminous topknots or wide braids.

5. The Sleek Updo

   Healthy, shiny hair is what’s going to transport any sleek updo from the early aughts to 2019.

That means washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that’s going to repair, strengthen, and keep it smooth.

Any women will be more graceful with an updo hairstyle, and that’s why the updo hairstyles are so popular with women at any age.

Which of these five hairstyles will you try this year? Tell us in a comment below!

6 Hairstyles You’ll Be Asking For In 2019

This year has brought a fresh set of hairstyles and hair trends just waiting to be experimented with.

The following six hairstyles are going to be 2019’s biggest trends.

1. The High Ponytail.

    The retro style high ponytail is for sure making a comeback, the reason for that is that we are seeing a lot of 90’s influence in hair trends.The High Ponytail elongates your facial features.

Straight or wavy, the high ponytail is always a great option, when you’re in the mood to wear your hair up because it works on every hair texture.

Working your hair up off your face allows you, to experiment by creating a whole range of different looks from classy to funky, sophisticated to sleek. If you want your hair to look thicker, you can pop in a few hair extensions around the base of the ponytail.

An instant way to enhance your ponytail hairstyle is to create a ponytail full of volume in a messy but fabulous look. Different variations of this classic style are going to be everywhere.

2. Next-Level Beachy Waves.

These are like the second-day bed-head waves you wake up with – just better. Imperfectly perfect, it’s great for the summer because it’s a laidback look that gives you a big impact.

While polished curls are always pretty, more effortless textures are in. The easiest way to get this look is to twist small pieces of hair with a one-inch curling iron, and then spray the waves with a lightweight texturizing hairspray.

The key to surf-side strands? Make sure your curls don’t look too perfect, you want to look like you’ve been swimming in the ocean all day.

This style is great because you look polished, but not as you tried too hard. They’re eternally cool, thanks to their effortlessness.

3. The Glossy Blowdry.

Hair that looks great and healthy but is effortless is always something that people aspire to have!

We will see sleeker, smoother, more polished and glossy hair becoming popular again. Whether you add a soft and tousled wave, a loose modern kick instead of a curl or go for a perfectly polished sleek.

The style looks amazing on hair that’s any length, whether it’s pulled up or worn down. The mirror-like shine is something that will be key this year.

4. Curtain Bangs.

   It’s not breaking news that curtain bangs have made a major comeback. As of fall 2018, A-list celebrities and Parisienne girls alike have been showing just how versatile the look can be on every hair type, length, and style.

The cut adds a little extra shape to any hair texture, without requiring a ton of bang-specific styling. Bangs can be a massive commitment, but soft, long, curtain-like ones are a style in itself.

When they get long enough to hit your cheekbones, you can style them in a center part or swooped to the side, depending on your preference. It’s a very French-looking style — simple and sophisticated.

5. Accessories

    From fresh-cut flowers, bobby pins, to claw lips, more is more when it comes to hair accessories this year.

Adding an accessory to a ponytail, braid, or just pinning one side of your hair back behind your ear, can make complete any look. Along with bobby pins and claw clips, there are more creative options to try.

The beauty of hair accessories is that they’re an easy way to make any hairstyle feel like it’s one you haven’t worn hundreds of times.

Although all of the accessories differ in shape and style, they all can be adapted to a multitude of looks.

6. The Wet Look

   Slicked-back styles were the most popular look seen backstage on the spring 2019 runways. The slick back gives a super cool rock chic, greaser vibe, it’s edgier and more empowering.

The side parting version gives real evening sophistication, it’s a great way to mix Hollywood glam and girl power.

Spritz some texturizing spray through hair before you blow dry and use a boar-bristle brush to boost volume by blow-drying hair back from the crown of your head. The trick to a wet look is not water—it’s oil!

Which of these six hairstyles will you try this year?

Tell us in a comment below!

6 Haircuts You’ll Be Asking For In 2019

Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair!

There’s no better way to say goodbye to the last year than getting a new haircut. Keep watching this video for all the haircut inspiration you need before heading to the salon.

The following haircuts are going to be 2019’s biggest trends.

1. Blunt Jawline Bob.

This year’s version of the bob is blunt and hits at the jawline, but when tucked behind the ear, you’ll get an A-line effect.

It’s also great if you’re looking to make your hair appear fuller because the shape will make your hair look as thick as possible.

For those with thick hair stylists recommends a small undercut in the back to remove a lot of weight and to get a more uniform A-line.

2. Curtain Bangs.

Curtain bangs are bangs that are parted down the middle, framing your face on each side. A fringe cut in an inverted ‘V’ shape. Originally popular in the ’60s, think Brigitte Bardot with her bee-stung lips and bouffant locks.

You can have them pulled close together in the center or far apart so they almost disappear into the rest of your strands – and anywhere in between.They’re surprisingly versatile.

If you’ve been debating getting bangs, curtain-like fringe is the perfect intro look because they’re low-maintenance compared to other styles.

3. The New Shag

The shag haircut is very rock ‘n’ roll – casual, mussy, and visually effortless. The typical features that make up a shag hairstyle include choppy ends, loads of layers around the crown, and lots of texture.

Full of texture and movement, the new shag is choppy and has lots of texture but doesn’t resemble an 80s hair band.

Shag haircut is one of the most versatile and flexible cuts nowadays. The layers keep hair from looking too heavy.

4. Bob With Bangs

You’re not sick of your bob just yet, but you want to freshen up your hair? Add a set of bangs.

It’s a stylish way to take bulky weight off of your hair. This haircut make your life so much easier, as it requires less maintenance, product, and time to style.

The key is to choose the most suitable fringe that will flatter your face shape and work well with your hair type. Short bob with bangs is an edgy short haircut with lengths falling anywhere between the ears and the neck and paired with a fringe.

5. Long Layers

Layering removes just the right amount of weight to give the hair movement, without making the ends look over-layered and straggly.

Long layered hairstyles typically look great on all face shapes.Layering long hair is also a great styling technique for making thin hair look fuller.

Long layered haircuts add an incredible amount of volume and flexibility, no matter how thick your hair already is.

They are easier to style. Straighten it, curl it, or leave it natural! Well-done layered haircuts will look great no matter how you choose to style them.

6. Grown-Out Pixie

  Depending on the style, pixies range from as short as a half inch in some places to two or three inches long in others.That in-between stage is not that difficult to style.

Generally, short haircuts have to be styled every day – even if you’re going for an undone finish. While you’re floating freely through the in-between sea, experiment with parting your hair on the sides with long, choppy layers up top.

Short hair can look really good slicked back in a way that long hair just can’t. The grown-out pixie is gorgeous on petite women with small features.

After seeing this year haircut trends which one do you like best? Tell us in a comment below.