How To: Baby Bangs aka Micro Fringe | All About Baby Bangs

When celebrities, like Emma Watson, sported a Lord Farquaad look, publications described the cut, as “baby bangs” or “micro-fringe”. So, to fringe, or not to fringe, that is the question.

In this article, you will find out the following:

1. What Are Micro Bangs, aka Baby Bangs?

2. How Hairstylists, Cut Them?

3. How To Cut Your Own, Micro Bangs?

4. How To Style Baby Bangs?

5. Should you want them?

Let’s get started.

1. What Are Micro Bangs aka Baby Bangs?

Micro bangs, are exactly as they sound, an extremely short fringe, that’s putting all your features on display. They are essentially just wispy, or blunt bangs, that start a couple inches, above your eyebrows. The cut, is a little retro, and very polarizing, you either love, or loathe a baby bang.

Baby Bangs, have been seen throughout pop culture, for decades, and have been styled by some of the coolest women.

Audrey Hepburn’s layered bangs, made way for her scene-stealing square brows, and allowed her doe eyes, and cut-glass cheekbones, to shine on screen.

Audrey Tautou’s title character in Amélie, also wore her micro bangs soft, her jawline-grazing bob only adding to the whimsicality of her story.

Natalie Portman’s micro bangs in Leon, accentuated the rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, of her on-the-run outlaw.

American actress Natalie Portman on the set of the film “Leon”, directed by Luc Besson. (Photo by Patrick CAMBOULIVE/Sygma via Getty Images)

2. How Hairstylists Cut Them?

Grazing the forehead, these bangs are short. We’re talking REALLY short!!!

The doll-like fringe certainly does grow on you, the more you look at it. Even though they can’t be clipped back, and aren’t the wash-and-go type of bangs.

These bangs can really be worn on any length of hair, from pixie short to a bob, and even long hair. In addition, they can also be worn, on most textures as well.  This means that even if you have, curly hair, straight hair, and everything in between, these bangs will work.

3. How To Cut Your Own Micro Bangs?

Don’t cut horizontal, if you don’t want your bangs to look blunt. Instead, cut them vertical, for a much nicer, and texturizing effect. Hold the bangs, using your fingers, and cut vertically, and slowly. Take your time, and cut little by little. When you’re done taking off the length, check how the bangs look like, and trim little by little, if you see any long hair. This technique, also works on other types of bangs, shorter bangs, longer bangs, side bangs.

4. How To Style Baby Bangs?

Make sure you have a straightener, and a blow dryer. These tools will be your BFFs. When you cut your fringe that short, the layers underneath, are super short, so you really need to try to keep them straight, or the top parts are not going to fall properly.

As with any bang hairstyle, don’t allow your hair to air-dry at all, out of the shower, to prevent frizz and cowlicks from forming. Tackle the fringe first, then move on, to the rest of your hair.

It’s definitely not a wash and go type of style. Micro bangs, are something you have to work on, every morning. It’s not a style that flows, you have to wake up, and iron them down, blow dry, or throw in some styling powder. Also, having the right products, and styling tools is a must!

5. Should you want them?

Baby bangs, aren’t necessarily for everyone.  We don’t only mean your taste, we also mean your face, shape, and features.  Though these bangs, can be somewhat adjusted, to suit your features, you will want to discuss with your stylist, if they are a fit for you.

Your face shape, is the determining factor, as to whether or not, you should get Baby Bangs. If you have a square, or heart shape face, then baby bangs may not be for you, as they will add emphasis to the angles, and make them appear sharper. In addition, they can make a sharp jawline appear longer, which may not be the direction you want to go.

Micro bangs, can be cut blunt or choppy, but they’re generally, always edgy and compact. They stay out of your eyes, and don’t fuss up your forehead too much, while still giving you a cool face-framing option, so if you want something relatively low-maintenance, that’ll still make a statement, your search ends here. Cut anywhere, from about an inch above your brows, and leave the fringe slightly wider, than where your eyebrows end.

Even if you like the chic look, you may feel nervous, about taking the plunge. After all, you can’t pin these type of bangs off to the side, when you don’t feel like dealing with them. If you’re curious about baby bangs, but not yet ready to commit, fake it with some faux fringe.

So, tell us, would you rock this look?

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