How to: Curtain Fringe aka Bardot Bangs

Trends, have come and gone over the years, but Brigitte Bardot bangs have remained timeless and sexy.

In this post, you will find out.

  1. What Are Curtain Bangs, aka Bardot Bangs?
  2. How Hairstylists Cut Them?
  3. How To Cut Your Own Curtain Fringe?
  4. How To Style Curtain Bangs?
  5. Why should you want them?

Let’s get started.

  1. What Are Curtain Bangs, aka Bardot Bangs?

Curtain bangs are bangs that are parted down the middle, framing your face on each side. They’re usually on the longer side, and have wispy ends, giving them a laidback, cool-girl vibe. Curtain bangs used to be super-popular back in the 1970s and are now on-trend once again.

Curtain bangs look particularly beautiful on round faces, and square faces.

  1. How Hairstylists Cut Curtain Bangs?

For heavy Curtain Bangs, the hairstylist will be taking a triangular, or a V section, from the high point of the head.

First, she takes a smaller amount and then she works her way into the whole bangs. She pins the half section on top of the head and starts cutting the other half. She does a very tight twist, and then she chops it to create roundness fringe, to which she adds in the fluffy texture by point cutting the tips.

Then, she does the next sections using texturizing shears. She uses the first cut, as a guide.

  1. How To Cut Your Own Curtain Bangs?

Start by sectioning off your bangs, make a triangle parting. You can use regular scissors or thinning texturizing shears, for that softer effect. Take your comb, place your hair between your fingers, and comb it the opposite direction, that you are wearing it. Then, create an angle so that the top is shorter than the bottom. Start cutting less than how much you want off, so you can adjust them later. Cut little by little. After cutting, it’s got that nice angle, it’s shorter by the eye, and longer as it goes down, so it blends with the rest of the hair.

Take the shortest piece from the side you just cut, and use it as a guide, where you’re going to create the shortest piece, on the other side, starting with your angle and then cutting down.

Just start slow, you can always cut more hair off.

Check the longer hair, to see if both are equal, and then check the middle, the shorter hair. If they’re not even, trim and tweak to get them even. When they’re equal, comb them all forward to see if you need to clean up, and trim some more.

The hair blends really well together.

  1. How To Style Curtain Bangs?

With a Blowdryer.

Is all about manipulating the hair, to go different directions.

You Need a round brush, a paddle brush, and a blow dryer. The first step is very important, start by taking your bangs in both directions, to make it more flexible, so that later you can manipulate your hair to go in all directions. Next, you take your round brush, and shape the ends of your bangs, without giving any volume at the roots.

Also, remember to dry your hair in all directions, left, right, backwards. After you shape your bangs, blow-dry the hair straight down. Then, you can shape the sides. In the end, you can decide if you want to part your hair in the middle, or on the side, whichever side you want.

You can finish styling your bangs with some hairspray. And that’s how you style your bangs.

Styling bangs with a Flat Iron.

Start by clipping up half the bangs, and curl the bottom section first. After you do this on both sides, continue by curling the top section. And that’s it. Simple as that!

Since curtain bangs are parted in the middle, you will need to train your hair to maintain that shape. This means you’ll need to get comfortable with heat styling and products to help give them body and bounce.

Here’s a Tip. Whatever you do, don’t use a round brush to dry the fringe “under” at the roots. It will always make the hair sit badly. When styling the fringe, try to keep roots flat.

  1. Why Should You Want Curtain Bangs?

If you haven’t been convinced just yet to get curtain bangs, allow us to elaborate further, on a few reasons, why you might want the Bardot Fringe.

      A curtain fringe, is less of a commitment than a regular fringe, as the gradient at the sides means, it’s easier to grow out than a straighter, squarer fringe. Plus, it makes for a refreshing change, without a drastic loss of hair length.

They can help disguise an uneven hairline. If your hairline isn’t straight across, a nice set of curtain bangs can hide that from view for a seriously stylish hairstyle.

They can help, make you look younger. Think about it: Bangs hide your forehead, so if you have any fine lines and wrinkles there, that you’d like to hide, curtain bangs might be a great choice.

Curtain bangs are surprisingly versatile. You can have them pulled close together, in the center, or far apart, so they almost disappear into the rest of your strands — and anywhere in between.

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