Converse vs. Vans: The most desired shoe (40 outfits)

Sneakers are enjoying a huge fashion moment right now. We’re at a point where it’s completely socially acceptable to wear sneakers outside of the gym or a sport, and that’s amazing because sneakers are so comfortable!

Both of these sought after shoes will continue to be prevalent on the feet of many generations to come. Each pair of shoes has a story to tell and its story is apparent on a well-worn pair of either Converse or Vans.

Whether you are going for that polished vintage look or a cool skater vibe, either Converse or Vans can perfect any outfit.

Both shoes are perfect for warm weather because they come in a plethora of colors and styles. They also both have a rubber sole and, most commonly, canvas material.

Regardless of what shoe you choose, each offers unique styles that will suit most outfits. Both provide durability, comfort and are sure to be worn for generations to come.

How to Wear Converse and Vans – Your guide to choosing the ultimate casual sneaker:







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