Bangs are huge this year β€” and there are a lot of variations ahead.

It’s true that a set of blunt or soft eyebrow-grazing bangs can dramatically transform your hairstyle, but they’re not exactly a low-maintenance change. Expect scheduling regular trims and spending a few minutes taming cowlicks every day.

Keep scrolling to find your soon-to-be style, and then promptly make a hair appointment, or check out the clips at the end of this article to see how to cut your own bangs… if you have the courage.

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If you find the courage to cut your own bangs these videos will help you do it:

For more inspo on how to style side swept bangs check out the videos below:

If you decided to cut your own hair you will need the following:
β€’ Scissors – You don’t need proper hairdressing scissors, but something fairly small and sharp enough to cut hair is good.
β€’ Comb – With fairly fine teeth. A tail comb can be handy for sectioning but it’s not a big deal if you don’t have one.
β€’ Water Spray – It’s easier to cut hair wet. To keep it that way you need water.
β€’ Hairdryer & Round brush – for drying and styling your hair afterwards

So, what’s your opinion on bangs? How do you like yours? Side wept? Asymmetrical? Center parted? Short? Wispy?

Is it worth it? Drop us a comment below and let us know.


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