For making memorable moments in school, you need to feel confident and comfortable in your skin and one of the methods that you can use to boost your self-esteem is to dress nicely.

Check out these these on-trend 33 outfit ideas before heading back this fall that will make you look like the coolest teenager in the hallways.

Tie Dye T-shirt & Skinny Jeans

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Simple & Chic

Shop this outfit:

Black & White + Hoodie kind of day

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Sweatshirt paired with skinny jeans & sneakers

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Cool Outfit with Boyfriend Denim Jacket

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Less is more

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Go Floral
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Summery dress paired with knit cardigan
Shop this outfit:
Grey & black paired with suede boots

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Stripe don’t die

Black & white paired with ripped jeans

Comfortable and chic

Check shirt with shorts and tee

Slouchy is cool

Crop top with shorts and shirt

Yin Yang Day

Light Blue Outfit

Dress with Sneakers

Shop this outfit:

Fit & Flare Dress
Small Love Leather Crossbody Bag
Merrick Perforated Sneaker

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Find your inspiration


Check out also:

5 Awesome Outfits for School – one for Each Day

The Cutest 32 School Outfits With Everyday Converse

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  1. I love all of these ideas for my teen daughter! I just wish the shopping info was linked.

  2. love the looks! wish there was info where to get the Nike jacket

  3. Brings me back to my 90’s grunge! Love it!

  4. Love these. However, whoever wrote apparently has not seen a school dress code. Most articles are like this. And it annoys me that i see all if these really cute outfits only for them to be foiled by a dress code.

  5. Love it but the stupid dress code

  6. The Simple & Chic outfit is definitely a go to back to school outfit that I would wear. I love how simple it is and since the shirt would be loose, it would be very comfortable to wear all day.

  7. Love the some of the outfits but 1outfit is out of school dress code

  8. I love all of the outfits! In my dress code most of them would work

  9. love these

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